Cookie Chronicles is based on the assumption that a fondness for cookies is a commonality across cultures. I bake a sampling of  classic cookies from countries around the world.  If some countries do not have a national cookie, I create a cookie recipe inspired by regional desserts, candies or savory flavors.

I also create cookies based on my own point of view which honors and showcases classic flavors of a country’s national cuisine.

The majority of recipes on this site  are developed by me. If they were not originated by me or I have adapted a recipe, it is noted. My recipes are tested, re-tested and tested again for accuracy.

Besides writing recipes, I write about the process of baking, shopping for ingredients in Queens, New York and personal essays about the country I’m baking in honor of if I feel personally connected.


What is a cookie?

Finding a singular, universal definition for ‘cookie’ is challenging. Thus, I’ve created my own criteria.

  • The bedrock of cookie baking is flour, sugar and butter. The cookie must  contain some combination of at least two of the following elements; fat, sweetener, protein and binding agent.
  • The raw ingredients must be transformed into edible treats by using heat. No-bake treats and frozen goodies are delicious but at Cookie Chronicles, a cookie is only a cookie if its been in the oven.
  • A cookie is eaten with your hands and never requires utensils to eat, therefore, it should be shaped or cut into handheld sizes.