About Me

Christy and Aunt CommieI’m Christianna. I love to bake, cook and write.

My great Aunt Commie, at whose house  I spent much of my childhood, was a magnificent baker. My job during Christmas and Easter was to help her decorate the sugar cut out cookies. I applied a thick layer of colored sugar that clung to the roof of your mouth while the rest of the cookie, so thin and buttery, melted away.

Later in life I worked at Woodstar Cafe in Northampton, Massachusetts where I honed my skills and learned fundamental tricks that elevated me from a tagalong on my Aunt Commie’s apron strings to a real baker.

In 2014, after a career in academic research, I decided to combine my passion for cooking with my interests in psychology and education and pursue a career in nutrition. These days, I spend half of my time in the classroom learning chemistry, biology and much more. The rest of my time is spent as a chef instructor at the recreational cooking school of Sur La Table in New York City. I also teach baking classes (including a speciality cookie class) at Butter Lane Bakery in New York City’s East Village. I also had the opporunity to teach in a culinary arts training program for adults reentering the work force at a wonderful organization called Project Renewal.

Me posing with a cake I made for the Olympics, many years ago

Contact me

I welcome your feedback and baking stories. I’m available for private baking and workshops and consultation. Contact me at chrgozzi@gmail.com.